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UWMBDA Council Meeting Minutes (October 7, 2009)

UWMBDA Meeting

October 7, 2009

Call to Order: 7:40 pm

Attendance: Katie, Kiki, Ashley, Winnie, Cheryl, Rose Marie, Brent, Masha

Contact Information

Contact information was gathered from all members and will be sent out shortly; a copy will also be kept in the treasurer’s box for future reference.

Meet the Council

Faculty Advisor-Rose Marie

Contact: Weekday during the day: e-mail or call office phone

Weekend/Evenings: home phone (not e-mail, will not check)

Purpose of the Meeting

-Various problems have been noticed in the council

-Poor council attendance at council meetings; last schedule meeting consisted of one student member

-Over reliance on Brent for help

-Need to work together as a council, not as separate entities

Solutions that will be Implemented

Change in Council Structure

-The council will consist of three executive board (EB) members: President, Vice-President, and Secretary. The Secretary position will be created for the upcoming semester and revised in the council bylaws (see information below).

-Every council member will report to an EB member in order to alleviate the stress on the president position.

Proposed Leadership Structure:

-President: PR Coordinator, Facilities Coordinator, Instruction Coordinator

-VP: Treasurer, Membership Coordinator, Music Coordinator, Website Coordinator

-Secretary: Volunteers and Committees

*This structure is NOT meant to divide the council or suggest that coordinators under different EB members should not work together. This structure is simply meant to be a way of having the EB members oversee the rest of the council to ensure proper communication and efficiency.


-Last updated in 1994

-Will be updated this semester in order to match the current workings of the organization and its purpose

-Mainly focused on updating officer position descriptions

-Plan to have a bulleted list of each positions responsibilities

-Will included the proposed leadership structure

-Also will review the constitution (written in 2002)

**Secretary Position

-Currently there is a secretary position listed in the Bylaws

-We have decided that this position should be re-created and re-defined

Responsibilities of the Secretary

-Take Meeting Minutes

-Record and review any harassment allegations

-Record any important happenings of the council

-Oversee any created committees and committee chairs

-Oversee club members who volunteer to help out at dances

Council Transitions

-Currently it is too difficult having new members transition into their positions with limited knowledge of what needs to be done

-The old council member needs to train the new council member so they may effectively take over for the following semester

-Propose that the elections dance be used as an opportunity to transition

Have all old and new members sit down after voting to transition new member

Talk about responsibilities

Opportunities to ask questions

-Mandate the president and vice president have been on council for at least one semester

-Try to avoid having all council members graduate at the same time

Office Descriptions

-New checklist of things to do; less paragraph style

-Use tutorial as detailed support, not the foundation

-Each council member is responsible for updating the tutorial

-Update the tutorial to reflect changes to the position

-Major position changes must be voted on by the council

Monthly Meetings

-Council members will send their schedule to the president who will pick a meeting time that works for everyone

-EB members will hold the rest of the council accountable for not showing up

-Phone calls and e-mails will be made

-As a council member, it will be required that you remain active by coming to these meetings and frequently attend dances

Council members at the dance

-While it is understandable that everyone on the council is busy, it is expected that you show up to dances as much as you can

-We need to know who will and will not be coming; set-up, take down, table shifts need to be covered

-Will start having council members say which dances they will be able to attend for the month

-Call your EB member if your plans change

-You do not have to stay for the entire duration of the dance, but please help set up AND do a table shift!

Expectations of Council Members

-Attend monthly meetings

-Attend the dances you say you can make

Contact your EB member ASAP if things change

-Maintain communication among the council

But not too many e-mails please!

-Work a table shift at dances (even if you do set up)

-Help new member learn to dance

-Create an enjoyable experience for our members

Make them want to come back

**Katie would like weekly update emails from those members she oversees

**Kiki would like bi-weekly e-mails

Expectations of EB

-Make sure people sign up for table shifts

-Plan monthly meetings

-Help with council transitions

-Keep council aware of what’s going on

-Don’t take the rest of the council for granted

-Respect everyone’s input

-Make decisions together with the council


Get volunteers to help with set up and tear down

Have the PR Coordinator send out information in weekly e-mails

Secretary is in charge of volunteers

Ask members if they want to help

Create a volunteer sheet

Free dance coupon to those who help (a limit on volunteers may be needed)

Get council name tags

Will simply say “UWMBDA” and position

Re-use each semester

Make announcements at the dance

Introduce some of the council

Take turns talking to make council more visible

Talk about volunteering and elections


Advertise via e-mail and announcements at the dance

Having position information available at all dances

Start talking about elections earlier in the semester

Council Education

Every semester have one of the first dances be used for all members to learn set up

Create an instruction guide

Learn how to change the song order

Microphone Training

Speak slowly with the microphone close to your mouth

Have each member practice before a dance each semester

Other Discussions (Details omitted)

Co-sponsoring with WUD

Discussed pros/cons and possible compromises for future dances (if any)

Faculty Advisor comments

T-Shirts were ordered; new design for next semester?

Have members submit designs

Talk to Winnie about lesson ideas

Nov 6 dance

Move to MSC or keep at Gordon?

Vote: Unanimously agree to keep at Gordon

Meeting Close: 9:10 pm

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